About us

SN2, is a pioneering FINTECH in the business of profitability based in UK.

SN2, is a pioneering FINTECH in the business of profitability based in UK

We are serial innovators

SN2 is the inventor of:

  • 2DVVI — the most sophisticated method to achieve economies of scale across any supply or value chain
  • Liquid Payments — a group of intelligent-algorithms-controlled low-cost services, run on our memeplexes platform. They are used for reducing radically the risk of late or non-payments, currency exchange risk, to boost liquidity, overhead reduction etc.
  • The Bi-Directional Prepaid Cards — a patented form of cards with unique capabilities that bridge the gaps between: personal & business, crypto & fiat currencies, local & global currencies, salary & investment, banking & distributed networks, local & global accounts in between others and all at the same time

We are ex-Consultants in Business Process Transformation, we are ex-Bankers and FX & Stock Traders, we are Technologists, we IT geeks, we are Project Managers, we are Serial Innovators.

We are a FINTECH that can practically eliminate transactional complexity, risk and currency exchange cost from any business.

SN2 differs from any other FINTECH. We do not offer a set of specific products but, by rather using the modular nature of our our services and technology, solutions to serious business problems like lack of liquidity, trade risk, excessive trading cost, customer churn, low margins, lack of competitiveness etc.

We are contemporary financial-LEGO builders.

New digital currency forms, new forms of employment, new forms of leasing, new forms of insurance, new forms of crowdfunding are now possible as a result of our breakthroughs.

What we do

We are the builders of the new transaction highways

We perceive transactions to be the links between businesses, institutions, organisations and the society.

Our 2DVVI techno-methodology allows the virtual and gradual integration of supply chains into ecosystems enabling transaction-free trade between them. AI guided algorithms replace human effort in the distribution of cost, risk and receivables within these ecosystems. Extraordinary economies of scale reduce overhead cost in excess of 73% while simultaneous reduction of trade risk and increase in cash flows and profitability.

They evolve and were institutionalised over the millennia. Transactions pump the blood that oxygenates the global network of markets. Their contemporary electronic form though instead of simplifying things made it even more complex. By design the “blood veins” belong to third parties. The processor, the mediator that facilitates them dictate the rules, the terms and the cost to powerless businesses. If that was not enough, the whole process still requires monitoring and managing costing businesses even more.

It is a complex, risky and inefficient network within a global environment that cost businesses over $ 43 trillions per year to navigate and they could do nothing about it.


SN2 invented for you Transaction-free Tarde (TfT) and all the FINTECH tools needed to support it. Now any business can achieve extraordinary economies of scale in an instance.



Risk minimisation

Our methodology has the inherited ability to passively reduce transaction, commercial and debt risks by up to 50%


FX-Transaction cost Minimisation

We can direct your cross border transactions on both the traditional Banking networks or distributed clearing systems like Ripple and offer you real time clearing of funds and savings of up to 66% on exchange rates and transactions cost


Transaction process optimisation

Working across supply chains we consolidate invoicing, logistics and accounting processes utilising chain, transaction algorithms to “shave-off” from 33% to 98% of your transactions related operational cost


Liquidity improvement

We can remove the root cause of liquidity deficit and improve cash flow across supply chains, clusters or business ecosystems


Business consulting cost

We are transformation consultants with one distinct difference we will not charge you for our advice.


Intelligent e-wallets

We can offer you an infinite number of intelligent e-wallets to store funds deriving from anywhere on the globe in any fiat or digital currency and even commodities


Transaction-free Trade

The techno-methodology able to reduce business trading cost by up to 73% and product prices by at least 50%. Available to all businesses, government institutions and organisations around the globe.

International Payments

A patented form of bi-directional prepaid card based loyalty/discount scheme allowing country, regional or town level novel tourism management applications, which can:

  • Generate additional income, in the form of card use profit share
  • Can be utilised as free marketing tool
  • Can triple or quadruple operators income from local taxes
  • Can control unemployment or seasonal regional isolation which affects local economies
  • Can be use the proposition in conjunction with regional development schemes to regenerate or create new economic sectors while at the same time allows tourism to citizens of financially challenged countries, enhances trade and helps cultural integration

Invoicing & Billing

Consolidated payments across supply chains containing from two to any number of businesses allowing chain, parallel and parametric forms of revenue splits or commission

Be paid anyhow

Advanced Mobile Payments, for sole traders home visiting professionals and home delivering supply chains that need no dedicated software of card readers. Novel forms of employment terms or franchise fees are now possible including work based conditional payments, leading to significant savings for any.

Conditional Liquid Payments

Conditional liquid payments is an algorithms based process which allows the “seller” to be elastic in regards to late payments under conditions that he sets and controls. In addition it allows:

  • Cross-currency passive hedging – of up to 50% without the need for insurance coverage
  • Reduced-risk open accounts of longer than normal duration
  • Novel forms of automated commission based payments conditioned on repayment terms
  • Ability to offer reduced risk forms of credit without the use of credit cards
  • Ability to increase business liquidity up to 50%
  • Ability to reduce factoring cost by up to 50%
  • Elimination of business internal late-payments process-management cost, legal costs etc., among other benefits

Virtual bank

A patented form of bi-directional prepaid card based financial instrument allowing the control of money outflow in labour intensive businesses, allowing for liquidity improvement of up to 35%

Fly-for-Free (3F)

B2B cross-border transactions based on the Ripple network of gateways which enables Importing and Exporting companies to bypass the traditional banking channels while trading across the globe. The process has the potential to reduce traditional banking and currency exchange cost of imports and exports by a factor of up to 5 and if combined with chain payments up to a factor of 30!

Parking Made Simple

Cashless, hardware-less & infrastructure-less m-payment solution for closed and open space parking allowing savings up 95% to operators in addition to novel forms of leasing, loan repayments and lease-back schemes to them including parking fees based repayments. It includes an integrated fines management system, parking control modules and town-level parking space management



Memeplexes Platform

A patent based algorithmic complex transactions processor, funds and e-wallet management interface and international trade gateway with banking grade security and the ability to enable transactions on both global traditional banking networks to which is connected and Ripple Gateways some of which it is the front end.


Ripple Gateways

Gateways to the Ripple Protocol based global distributed network integrated into the memplexes platform, hosting all transaction ledgers, an infinite number of intelligent e-wallets and a trading point for the XRP digital currency.


Bi-directional Pre-paid cards

A patent based form of prepaid cards of any scheme (VISA, MasterCard etc.) with at least two additional mobile device readable elements (a QR code and an RFID/NFC) which allow them to operate independently on both the banking and Ripple based networks. The above offers them unique characteristics like: a. multiple currencies, multiple e-wallets, business & personal accounts coexistence, multiple simultaneous usage (ID, Access, Security, Expenses, loyalty, discount etc.), conditional auto-fund loading, payments in arrears, location based currency auto selection etc.

Coming Soon

Remittance 2.0

The safest and more economical way to remit based on our bi-directional prepaid cards.


A novel form of credit facility to help citizens in difficulty suitable for Local and Central government sectors or Utilities.


A parking fines innovative management system based on the positive behavioural re-enforcement principal, our bi-cards and a dynamic discount scheme.

Crowdfunding Loans

A novel form of credit facility for enterprises of all stage of development to alter the nature of the loans and the leasing agreements by the use of conditional liquid repayments.

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